26 June 2014


It's the time we've all been waiting for - THE ASOS SUMMER SALE! There are so many amazing discounts, here are just some examples. My mum always says "it's not a bargain unless you wanted it before". Luckily, pretty much everything I'd been eyeing up is actually in the sale. Grab it while you can, things are selling out fast!

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3 June 2014

WISHLIST / June 2014

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Mostly monochrome, surprise surprise. These are some of the things I'm lusting after for the month of June. I feel like I really want to update my wardrobe coming into summer - most my clothes are for the depths of winter. The weather in the UK still isn't great and I don't know, I just feel weird wearing summery clothes at the moment (not to mention I desperately need a tan!). It's so hard knowing what to wear with the crazy ass British weather!