12 June 2013


So over the past few days I've seen a lot of people going on about Google Friend Connect being disabled. I've read up about it and it's so unclear what's going on, but I just thought I'd share my Bloglovin account with you. I know a lot of people love it. So if you wish to follow me on this platfrom instead, feel free - just click on the little button below.

It's a super easy platform to use. You don't even need a blog to make an account and it's a really easy way to keep up with what all your favourite blogs are posting. You can also link your own blog and use it as a way for people to follow your posts too. Even if GFC doesn't disappear, it's a really handy site to use, and it even has it's own app so that you can read posts on the go. The only problem is that not everyone is aware of Bloglovin or has an account so it can be difficult with people you want to follow. But hopefully soon everyone will be able to use it and it will be a lot easier for everyone.

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